Optical Whitening Agents for Textiles
We are manufacturer of OBA for Textiles
Optical Whitening Agents for Textiles
We are manufacturer of OBA for Textiles
Optical Whitening Agents for Textiles
We are manufacturer of OBA for Textiles
Optical Whitening Agents for Papers
We are manufacturer of OBA for Paper




High affinity FWA for Wet end and coating

Cold resistant product.

Special Benefits
Neutral shade and low greening tendency
Particularly recommended for soft water
Suitable for mechanical and secondary fibers
FWA for casein and protein containing
Coating colours.



VIOPHOR HA LIQUID is a disulpho – type Fluorescent Whitening Agent [FWAJ tailored to the specific needs of the paper industry.



Fluorescent whitening in the furnish.

VIOPHOR HA LIQUID is a highly suitable for fluorescent whitening in the furnish at slightly acid or neutral pH. The product provides particular advantages if soft water is used and uptake times are short.


VIOPHOR HA LIQUID is especially recommended for addition to furnish containing large properties of mechanical pulp or secondary fibre.


VIOPHOR HA LIQUID at the size press

We do not recommend the use of VIOPHOR HA LIQUID for this application.


Fluorescent whitening in Surface coating.

VIOPHOR HA LIQUID is preferably incorporated in coating mixes together with casein or protein / latex also in conjunction with synthetic co-binders.



Appearance : Clear yellowish brown liquid


Chemical constitution : Derivative of 4,4’-diamoniostilbene-2, 2’ disulphonic acid

Miscibility PH : 9 – 10


Solubility :

Any proportion


Density at 25 °C : 1.20 g/ml at 25OC


Viscosity at 25 OC : Max 50 mPa.s at 25 OC


Ionic character : Anionic


Storage stability

VIOPHOR HA LIQUID has good stability and cold temperatures. Prolonged storage at temp. below – 10 OC can results in product freezing. Frozen product can be restored to its original state without loss of effectiveness by leaving to stand at room temp, or heating briefly to temp, no higher than 50O C



VIOPHOR HA LIQUID gives a neutral shade in all applications. It only has a tendency to produce a greens hue if too large amounts are used.


Physiological and ecological notes

The usual hygiene and safety rules for handing chemicals must be observed in storage, handling and use.


The LD50 is rats is higher than 5000 mg/kg body weight. In tests on rabbits, the product was found to have no irritation on skin or mucous membrane.


Further information is given in the Safety Data Sheet.


The product is permitted for food packaging in accordance with recommendation XXXVI of the plastic commission of the German public Health Office (Kunststoffkommission des BGVV), provided the active ingredient is not more than 0.3% and the FWA does not migrate onto the food as described in DIN 53991, p.2. or EN 648, Oct. 1993.


VIOPHOR HA LIQUID in the wet end application

VIOPHOR HA LIQUID has outstanding affinity and is very effective in unsized papers. It is also notes for good affinity even with very soft water (< 7O G.h. or < 70 ppm CaO). Largely unaffected by cationic substances, it can readily be used for papers sized with synthetic additives.


The product is particularly suitable for fluorescent whitening in acid sized loaded papers at a pH level of 4.8 – 8.5 and has considerable advantages over tetrasulpho products when used in amount of less than 0.4%.


VIOPHOR HA LIQUID can be dispensed intermittently at either the pulper or the mixing chest as liquid or as stock solution. It should always be added before the alum orcationic additives and never together with alum or other additives.


With its high affinity, VIOPHOR HA LIQUID is the product of choice for continuous dosing, including at a point in the circuit where the stock is of low consistency.


Average dosage 0.05 – 1.0% at pH level above 5

0.05 – 0.4% at pH level below 4.8


VIOPHOR HA LIQUID at the size press application


As stated above, VIOPHOR HA LIQUID is not the ideal product for size press application and we recommend using a SI, AP type product, BSU or AS.



Excellent results can be obtained by applying VIOPHOR HA LIQUID in coating mixes based on casein or protein, as cobinders.


The best effects are achieved with coating mixes containing synthetic co-binders and latex.


VIOPHOR HA LIQUID should not be used in coating compounds with starch as binder. For these applications we recommended using a AP type, AS type or BSU type product.


Average dosage 0.1 – 1.0% VIOPHOR HA LIQUID (based on the pigment)

The information and recommendations contained in this data sheet are to the best of our knowledge correct, but no guarantee is given in this respect and no responsibility can be accepted for the results obtained.

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