Optical Whitening Agents for Textiles
We are manufacturer of OBA for Textiles
Optical Whitening Agents for Textiles
We are manufacturer of OBA for Textiles
Optical Whitening Agents for Textiles
We are manufacturer of OBA for Textiles
Optical Whitening Agents for Papers
We are manufacturer of OBA for Paper



Op. Whitening Agent WHN gives excellent wash fastness and very strong neutral white on olyamide, wool and silk. It should be applied from a neutral stabilized hydrosulphite bleach bath in every case but preferably under HT condition on polyamide 66.


General Properties

Appearance : Bulky Yellow Powder

Character : Anionic

pH (1 – gpl aqueious solution) : 9.6

Affinity Shade:

For wool and silk Op. Whitening Agent WHN gives very good yield and natural shade when applied from a neutral stabilized hydro-sulphate bath above 40OC. Higher temperature are required for polyamide under HT condition.



Problem of leveling does not occur and the bath containing OP. WHITENING AGENT WHN may be heated up rapidly.



Hydrosulphite : Good

Alkali : Very Good

Acid : Poor (Precipitaion)

Light fastness : It has good light fastness. Dilute solution of Op.

Whitening Agent WHN are sensitive to light and must be kept away from it.


Hard Water Stability:

It has limited stability to hard water but hard water has no adverse influence on white effect. If there is any risk of iron or copper compunds reaching the whitening bath it is advisable to add chelating agent. Normally 2 gpl chelating agent is recommended.



1. On polyamide:

Goods are bleached and optically whitened in one bath 0.5% to 2.0% (on weight of material) along with 5 gpl sodium hydrosujphite and 1-2 gpl chelating agent. The goods are entered at 70 C, temperature is raised to 12 C-13 C and treatment is carried out for further 20-30 minutes.


2. On Wool & Pure silk:

After the bleaching goods are optically whitened with 0.2-1.0% OP. WHITENING AGENT WHN along with 5 gpl sodium hydrosulphite for 30-60 minute at 50-60 C. Very good full white effect are obtained on wool and silk.


Blended Goods

OP. WHITENING AGENT WHN gives very good result for Wool/Cellulose, Polyamide/Cellulose, Wool/Polyamide blends. In case of cellulose blends are should be taken that white goods should not be acidified because cellulose port in will become greenish. If this has happened it can be corrected by weak ammonia rinse.



The optically whitened goods are completely stripped by applying chlorite bleach, provided that this will not damage the fabric.


Above recommended are given according to our best knowledge and belief but without guarantee.


Safety Data Sheet

Appearence : OP. WHITENING AGENT WHN is a fine 

bright yellow powder.



A formulation containing an anionic stilebene

triazine optical brightening agent.




be stored under extremes of embient 

temperatures without hazard.



OP. WHITENING AGENT WHN itself will not support combustin but the diluents will burn in the event of a fire, carbon dioxide, dry chemical or water spray may all be used without hazard.


Oral Toxicity :

OP. WHITENING AGENT WHN has fairly low order of oral toxicity.

Skin Effects:

Can cause mild skin irritation. If the material is spilt on the skin, wash thoroughly with water.


Splashes in the eye: OP. WHITENING AGENT WHN powder will irritate the eye. If the powder gets into the eye irrigate for 15 minutes with water and seek medical advice.


Spillage :

Spilled OP. WHITENING AGENT WHN powder should be rinsed away with Plentiful amount of water.


Hygiene :

Although OP. WHITENING AGENT WHN powder is relatively innocuous, we recommended as with all chemicals that in handling, good standard of house keeping and personal hygiene are to be practiced.

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